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Programming Continuum

Lego car code.

This is a set of yellow brick Lego procedures that are needed to make the Lego car work with the interface.

RCX car code. Text file only. RCX CarCode Nov16.txt
RCX car code. MW file RCX CarCode Nov16.dat RCX CarCode Nov16.mw2


Car Interface

This is a Microworlds project that can be used to program the Lego car.


For Windows Microworlds 2.x and Pro*
Version Date Description
Nov 26, 01 Alice changed the display of the saved procedure to be vertical and added a help page

Download car interface pc nov 26.zip (0.5M)

Nov 16, 01 This is the version as of the end of Roger and Alice's visit to Iowa. It can download / upload instructions to / from the Lego car. It can save instructions as procedures. There is also a simple way to program a behavior of the car that works when a touch sensor is activated.

Download car interface pc nov 16.zip (0.5M)

* This assumes you have the correct version of yellow brick logo installed.


For Mac Microworlds 2.x
Version Date Description
Nov 28, 01 According to Steve Linduska, the Nov 25 version has file format problems. This version is his fix.

Download legocarinterface nov 28.sit (0.4M)

Nov 25, 01 According to Alice Cavallo, this version has eliminated some bugs from the previous version.

Download legocarinterface nov 25.sit (0.4M)

Nov 16, 01 This version was ported from the PC version of the same date. All the features are the same. This version appears to be unstable on the MAC. E.g. icons on the screen disappears randomly from time to time. 

Download legocarinterface nov 16.sit (0.4M)


For Developers

Programming continuum interface code map and block diagram.   [Feb 2, 2002]

Soyini and Roger reorganized the code and created a block diagram mapping out the design concept of code. Hopefully, this will be useful for those who wants to understand the code and, may be, improve it.




Yellow Brick Logo


For Microworlds 2.0 ? mw2_ybl.zip
For Microworlds Pro ? mwp_ybl.zip


Logo Blocks

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